Importance of Industrial Visit in Education

  • It is a part of college curriculum.
  • It provides practical perspective.
  • It also provides opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working method & employment practices.
  • It helps to combine theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge.

Department : Computer Engineering

Sr. No.DateSemesterTopic NameIndustry Name
0129/02/20206thAR VR TechnologySerpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd, Gandhinagar
0215/02/20204thProject ManagementBrainyBeam Technologies, Ahmedabad
0314/09/20195thEentrepreneur Awareness CampAkshay Patra Foundation, Ahmedabad
0431/07/20193rdSatellite TechnologyBISAG, Gandhinagar
0521/02/20192ndContributorMahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar
0620/07/20195thPython ProgrammingWay to web Group Private Limited, Ahmedabad
0723/03/20196thNetwork AdministrationPrakshal IT Academy, Gandhinagar
0808/02/20194th.NET ProgrammingTOPS Technologies, Ahmedabad

Department : Electronics & Communication Engineering

Sr. No.DateSemesterTopic NameIndustry Name
0119/02/20204thPCB ManufacturerCircuit Systems India Ltd.,Gandhinagar
0201/02/20204thPCB DesigningMicro Technology,Gandhinagar
0318/09/20191stPCB & Electronics ComponentsDalen Pvt Ltd.
0418/09/20191stPCB & Electronics ComponentsVishwa Electronics
0518/07/20191st & 3rdSatellite CommunicationBISAG, Gandhinagar
0620/02/20192ndWireless TechnologyMahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar
0705/02/20192ndPCB DesingingC. K. Circuit, Gandhinagar

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Sr. No.DateSemesterTopic NameIndustry Name
0104/03/2020 & 05/03/20206thManufacturing SystemFerrotic Milacron,Vatva
0205/03/20202ndMaterial science and metallurgyJayveet Engtech, Ahmedabad
0304/03/20202ndMaterial science and metallurgyAnand Heat Treaters & Engineers, Ahmedabad
0404/03/2020 & 05/03/20202ndMaterial science and metallurgyMetal Heat Treatment, Ahmedabad
0518/02/2020 & 19/02/20204thManufacturing Engineering-IIPoonam Industries, Ahmedabad
0630/08/2019 & 31/08/20193rdManufacturing Engineering-ISpeancon Engineers, Ahmedabad
0730/08/2019 & 31/08/20193rdManufacturing Engineering-IMahakali Engineer Works, Ahmedabad
0830/08/2019 & 31/08/20193rdManufacturing Engineering-IMakewell Inducto Cast Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
0926/07/2019 & 27/07/20195thThermal Engineering - IIICE Make Refrigeration Ltd., Dantali
1001/05/2019 & 02/05/20192ndMaterial Science and MetallurgyHashmukh Engineering, Vatva
1101/05/2019 & 02/05/20192ndMaterial Science and MetallurgyMetal Heat Treatment, Ahmedabad
1222/02/2019 & 23/02/20194thManufacturing Engineering-IIPoonam Industries, Ahmedabad
1319/02/2019 & 20/02/20196thComputer Aided Manufacturing & Manufacturing SystemSIEMENS center of excellence, PDPU

Department : Civil Engineering

Sr. No.DateSemesterTopic NameIndustry Name / Location
0129/02/20204thTransportation EngineeringNational Highway 147, Ahmedabad
0220/02/20206thDesign of Reinforced Cement Concrete StructureGajanand Industrial Hub, Ahmedabad
0314/09/20193rdConstruction TechnologyShalin 4, Vavol
0428/08/20195thConcrete TechnologyRMC Plant, Naroda
0508/03/20196thDesign of Reinforced Cement Concrete StructureRadient Residency, Gandhinagar
0602/03/20194thTransportation EngineeringGandhinagar Railway Station
0721/02/20192ndContributorMahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar

Department : Electrical Engineering

Sr. No.DateSemesterTopic NameIndustry Name / Location